Oseberg Trim

So the Oseberg trim is super simple (theory). Thread 10 cards, turn them all forward until the yarn is too twisted to turn the cards anymore, then flip the cards to unwind the yarn. At least according to this pattern recreation:

Click to access Oseberg_narrow.pdf

Notice how the same warp produces either a slanted square with a contrasting color dot in the center AND a greco-roman looking series of crenelations depending on the starting positions of the cards. Very neat, very cool looking, this is the trim I decided to weave to edge the bottom of my lord’s tunic. Seems fairly straight forward right?

I started with the crenelation starting position. Instead of nice neat boxes I have this: 20160222_082914

Why? Who knows. I don’t. But Scarp likes it better so that’s what he’s getting.


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