Thorsbjerg Pants

Today I’m doing something different.  A photo tutorial for making pants based on the Thorsbjerg find. These are a more modern looking cut of pant rather than the poofy burka pant.

These pants: (minus the feet, at some point in the future I will make a pair for myself out of the most obnoxious plaid fleece so I can have documentable footie pajamas, but that day is not today.)


Step one: (not pictured) get the required measurements.  You will need:

Around the meaty part of the thigh

Around the waist where you want the pants to sit

Around the wide part of the calf

Around the ankle

From the waistband to the ankle

Waistband to the center of the crotch area (front and back)

Hipbone to hipbone

and width of crotch


Step two: Lay out your washed and ironed fabric folded in half. Note: Mine is not ironed. Do as I say, not as the lazy seamstress does.


Step three: outline your pattern. (I retraced over my chalk lines in the ultra high tech MS paint so you can see what the pattern looks like)

20160221_152716 (1)


Step 4: Cut out your pattern.

Step 5: Assembling.







Not pictured: waistband.

Step Six : finish seams and hem. I’m not there yet.There will be finished pictures when I’m done.






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