I have poor impulse control

I just realized I have another week (yes all of the in progress projects were on the assumption that I needed them in 9 days). I have budgeted out my time for having them all done in 9 days. With that I give you a recounting of my morning:

“Oh, I have an extra week. I guess I could make shoes or something so I’m not going dressed to the 950’s with glaringly modern shoes. Wait self, this is a bad idea. Besides, making shoes is hard. I mean I guess I could look up a pattern for bog shoes…


Well those look simple. And I have a leather awl. Wait! I can’t make shoes, I don’t have leather… WHY IS THERE 3/4 OF A CALF SKIN AT THE TOP OF MY FABRIC STASH?!”

So We’re having our first foray into shoe making this weekend I suppose. The pattern above is also fairly close to the pictures I’ve seen of bog shoe finds. Closer than the gillie reproductions I see at events. Not that there’s anything wrong with those! There isn’t! Go for it and get on with your bad selves! I’m just saying this pattern looks more like the shoe I’m familiar with seeing. Best case? I’ll have a pair of period shoes I’ve made myself and then everything visible will have been made by me by hand. Worst case? I’ll have a mangled mess of surprise leather and have to wear the shoes I was planning anyway.

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