Day 6: Aethelflied attempts chicken

Ok, here we go. This is my first attempt a saxon style meal without using my cookbooks. We’re going to make pan fried chicken thighs with spinach and cabbage.

I’m using:
Apple cider vinegar
Chicken Broth

I’m doing this all in one pan. Brown the chicken first, then drizzle in honey, add a couple teaspoons of vinegar, cover with the chicken broth, add the herbs (no spinach yet), reduce heat and simmer until the chicken is cooked through. Remove the chicken and let it rest. Toss your spinach into the same pan with all the tasty stuff and wilt it. Remove the spinach and add a touch of flour to thicken the sauce if you want. Drizzle the sauce on the chicken.

This…kinda worked? The mint is weird and I’m not sure it works in the spinach. Combined with the vinegar it leaves an after taste like faint mold smells. It’s just faint enough to leave that impression. If it were stronger it wouldn’t play nice with the other herbs though. So I’m not sure I’d put that in again.

The chicken is super tender. And the mint plays nice with the other herbs on the meat. I don’t like turning the sauce into a full on gravy. You can add flour and do it like I did if you want to, or you can leave the sauce thin like I should have.

I don’t hate it, it has a decently complex flavor, not sure I’m making it again.


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