Ongoing Source List

The following are cited in no particular style other than what makes sense to me. If you’re looking for MLA or Chicago citations you will not find them here. There is no organizational order other than the order in which I grabbed the books for citation or clicked the webpages.

In Print:

Performance and Language-

The Poetic Edda Translator Lee M Hollander. Second edition, published by University of Texas Press Austin in 2004. ISBIN 0-292-76499-5

Celtic Myths and Legends. By Charles Squire. Published by Parragon in 1998. ISBIN 0-75252-676-6

The Tain.  Translated by Thomas Kinsella . Published by The Dolman Press 1986 printing. ISBIN 0-85105-178-2

Anglo-Saxon Poetry. Translated and Edited by S.A.J. Bradley. Published by Everyman Press 2004 printing. ISBIN 0-460-87507-8

The Battle of Maldon. Translated and edited by Bill Griffiths. Published by Anglo-Saxon Books 2003 printing. ISBIN 0-9516209-0-8

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. Collected and Translated by Anne Savage. Published by Barnes and Noble Books in 2000. ISBIN 0-7607-22633

Fiber and costuming – 

Cloth and Human Experience. Anthology edited by Annette B Weiner and Jane Schneider. Published by Smithsonian in 1989. ISBIN 0-87474-995-6

Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years. Written by Elizabeth Wayland Barber. Published by Norton, 1995 printing. ISBIN 978-0-393-31348-2.


Found Online:

Performance and Language-

Old English Online. By Jonathan Slocum and Winfred P. Lehmann. Accessed 5/31/2016.

Fiber and Costuming- 

The Skjoldehamn find in the light of new knowledge. By Dan Halvard Løvlid, translated by Carol Lynn. Written 2010, translated 2011. Accessed on 5/31/2016.

Irish Viking Age Silks and their place in Hiberno-Norse Society. By Elizabeth Wincott Heckett. Written 2002. Accessed on 9/9/2016.