Day 2: Salmon Cakes and Honey Carrots

Confession: today was my “cheat” as far as experiments go. I’ve made honey carrots before. These were my ace in the hole in case everything else tasted horrible. Today is also note worthy in that I did not use any salt. Anywhere. It still has flavor.

That being said calling these honey carrots in like calling a pizza “cheese bread”. There is so much more going on that what the name implies and it works so well. Carrots cooked soft work as the base for a honey/cinnamon/apple cider vinegar glaze. Mint keeps it from tasting sticky sweet and dandelion greens and radishes add a peppery bite that make up for the lack of other spices. It’s flavorful, complex, and dirt simple. I’ve made it for holiday meals before and am far too smug about working them in on a weeknight.

The salmon cakes? Well… Those are underwhelming at best. Flaked salmon, oatmeal, egg, and onion. I like my salmon sushi rare. So frying it in patties after it was baked and flaked makes it taste sad and chalky to me. And with these the lack of spices the modern palate is used to is super obvious. Next time I’ll skip the bake/turn into patties step and just fry up a hunk of salmon with some salt and garlic and be a happy camper.


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