Day 1: Bean Soup

Holy shit folks I do not regret scheduling this twice. This may end up as my default post work out soup. Let’s back up and see how we got here.

I’m not going to lie, the name is not a major seller here. And the lack of spices doesn’t make it seem promising. Trust me. This is simple and hearty as fuck.

I used canned kidney beans instead of dried, and double milk stout rather than ale. I also threw everything in the instapot on slowcooker for 4 hours instead of simmering on the stove. No regrets.

The thing that makes this soup is the lamb. It’s beans, lamb, salt, garlic, carrots, beer, stock, and onion. That’s it. No other spices. No pepper, no bay, no celery, nothing I’d normally throw into soup as a needed thing. It doesn’t need it.

If the rest of this week goes as well as today then I’m going to eat like a 950s queen.


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