Gathering Food

So for this week I am omitting anything that would have been outrageously expensive for Aethelflied. So sorry black pepper, even though you appear in almost every ingredient list, you’re spice not appearing in these dishes. This does mean that I had to spend a little more for things that would have been widely available to Aethelflied, but are less available now. I’m looking at you lamb.

Last post I showed my meal plan for the week. Here’s the shopping list. I already had all the meat except salmon and lamb, but I bought everything else. Between two different stores I ended up spending just over $60 on this. But it’s enough to feed two people, and I am only one. So I’m going to end up eating this next week too. So here’s hoping I like it. Otherwise I’m going to be very sad.

Shopping list:


Sprouted grain bread (I’m taking advantage of living in the modern era)
Trout (or other white fish. I’m using the one in my freezer. )
Chicken (whole, bone in. I got a game hen)
Pork sausage
Dried red beans (I cheated and got canned, store one only had dried white beans)
Lettuce (not iceburg, anything else. Fuck that shit)
Watercress (I got dandelion greens, my store didn’t have cress)
Apples for baking (no red delicious. Just no.)
White Wine Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar

Ale if desired. This is optional. It goes in the soup, but if you don’t like cooking with alcohol (or consuming it) then ignore it. I’m trying to cut back on my alcohol consumption for Reasons That Are Personal. I’m not sure yet if I’ll end up using it to cook. That’ll be a day of call and store run if I decide to.



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