An experiment

When I say “Medieval English food” what do you think? Bland, boiled to within an inch of it’s life, kinda taupe colored? Maybe a little grey? Certainly nothing tasty or appealing to the modern palate.

Let’s find out together. I have a cook book (Tastes of Anglo Saxon England, by Mary Savelli) and I’m due to go grocery shopping.


As I get fed lunch at work, and breakfast is made of oatmeal, protein powder, and coffee, I am only going to be making dinners. As I work full time I will not be making bread from scratch more than once (probably next weekend) and even then not rye bread because I don’t like it. I want to give this a fair shot and deliberately cooking food I know I dislike doesn’t do that.

My goal for each dinner is:

1 protein

1 veg

1 carb

1 sauce (depending on main dish)

I will NOT be posting what goes into each dish, or how to make it, in it’s entirety as I’m taking most of these from a published cookbook. If I make up a meal using only ingredients I can document I’ll share that. But not someone else’s research that they’re earning income on. If what I make looks interesting in a good way, or you’re curious how to make it at home? Buy the book.

I will be cooking in cast iron on an electric stove (I rent. It’s what I’ve got.) So no open flame or earthen oven cooking this week. Maybe in the future if I ever own a home or con a friend who does into letting me do that in their yard. But this is not an exploration of period Saxon techniques, just flavors.

You’ll notice Monday and Thursday will be soup I can toss in an instapot as I have evening commitments. But we’re going to do a full seven days of year 1000 English cooking.

Meal plan:

Monday- bean soup with cucumber salad

Tuesday- roast chicken and honey carrots with bread

Wednesday- baked trout, lettuce salad, and barley pilaf

Thursday- bean soup

Friday- salmon cakes, buttered beets, cabbage salad

Saturday- sausage casserole

Sunday- cabbage soup

Dessert may happen or it may not. I may make one and just eat that all week. I am only one person after all.

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