Boston Parking

Dearest guests, this has nothing to do with the SCA, historic recreation, textiles, or even good writing honestly. But I wrote a thing and am releasing it into the wilds of the internet.

All I ask is that if you feel the need to use this please do so for free (no recording it for a CD you’re going to sell, or a concert you charge admission for), and keep my name attached (No claiming you wrote it). Deal?

Boston Parking
Miranda Petticord 2018

To the tune of Stan Rogers Northwest Passage:


But for just one night
I would seek the Boston parking
And find a spot that’s somewhere close
To where I want to be
Circling one more time
Through the cars so rude and savage
Each one of them determined to kill me

Westward from Newbury street
‘Tis there they’re said to lie
Free spots to leave your auto
For which so many vie
Seeking joy and comfort,
Leaving Boylston street alone.
With a sudden strong desire to go home.


Three roundabouts thereafter
I take passage overland
Trapped in a maze of one ways
I will never understand.
Watching stop lights rise before me
Then behind me sink again
This wistful driver wonders if
Flames would fix this city’s plan.


And through the night, behind the wheel
The mileage clicking past
I think upon the red line,
Maybe uber might be best.
Who let this bullshit happen
And left no spots to see?
Next time someone else is driving me.


Is this eternally so grueling?
How do people live this way?
I should have just watched Netflix
But I threw that plan away.
To seek a Goddamn fun night
At the call of my dear friends
Fuck it, where’s the road back home again?



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