Silk veil project

Ok so Lampas is not happening. I got ahead of myself and overly ambitious for the time I have (shock). Instead we just have a three-way iridescent silk fabric in a point twill diamond pattern.

I love this fabric, I hate working on it. This is about 12 inches (30cm) wide and 45 or so ends per inch. There’s two shuttles to throw every pick, and 40 picks per inch.

This means it’s fiddly and slow and entirely the wrong project for me mentally this month so it may or may not get finished.

But, onto what you’re really here for. Pictures.

Top to bottom: full length with hints of the iridescence it has in person, close up to show both texture and one of my warping mistakes, and finally a quarter for scale.

Still going to plod along on this, we’ll see if wanting to wear it is enough motivation to actually finish it in time.


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