Started Bun Atop Disapproving Snailman

AKA why Aethelflied shouldn’t pick projects on high octane pain medication. 

Last post I talked about some tapestry basics and mentioned my first tapestry was a bit…uh… ambitious. Those of you who know me in real life know I’ve been out of work recently following emergency surgery (I’ll be ok, don’t worry. One of my organs committed treason and needed removal.). I get bored. So I decided as part of my recovery/pre-surgery bed rest I’d try learning a new skill. 

Long story short I decided to attempt to weave the first thing I saw on the internet that A. Seemed feisable and B. Made me laugh like a loon in my pain and medication induced haze. 

Word to the wise: guys? Don’t try something for the first time while high. This didn’t turn out too badly all things considered, but I did make some questionable life choices. But it’s important to document projects that you’re not 100% happy with and show your progress so here we are. 

I give you: Startled Bun Atop Disapproving Snailman

Materials: No. 10 crochet cotton (pale yellow, black, and white), embroidery floss (all other colors), linen backing, and wooden dowel for hanging rod. 

I wove the solid blocks of color using a combination of dovetail and slit style tapestry weaving, and embroidered on the outline and finicky detail bits.

Image is taken from a margin doodle in a manuscript. Next time I’m doing a simpler image. 


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