Project list

Seriously guys, just what it says on the tin. A list of projects on my plate for the next year or so. I’m not exaggerating. So if I go quiet for a while, please understand I’m working on the next one and I’ll post when I finish.

1. 12x24in strip of black twill (collaboration project)

2. 15in x 45 in veil of broken diamond twill

3. 2 sets of leg wraps

4. Roughly 10 yards of trim

5. Handspun, hand woven cloak

6. Hand sewn Birka coat

7. Headband

8. Handspun, handwoven, hand sewn dress

9. Two belts

10. A tapestry

11. A couple over dresses

12. Silk and nettle veil

13. A couple underdresses


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