Wrist cuffs

So I altered what I was doing for my wrist cuffs because I decided that for the really fancy ones I’m weaving out of my own handspun and embroidering with silver and gold I really want silvered clasps. I currently have bronze. BUT! I have a length of handwoven trim that a friend of mine gifted me way back in March at coronation that I hadn’t yet done anything with. This was just enough (literally the perfect length) to edge the neckline of my under dress and make a pair of cuffs. So I now have a lovely and finished pair of wrist cuffs in a trim that resembled blue and cream tiger stripes. And since I live in the East and our symbol is a blue tiger…

Materials: One set of clasps bought from Raymond’s Quiet Press at Pennsic.

Roughly one foot total of hand woven trim (I have tiny wrists)

Linen thread

Bronze needle (My bone needles are too thick to fit through the holes in the clasp)




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