On the Coronation of King Hans

Inspired by lines 20-25 of Beowulf (Chickering translation):


“So ought a young man / in his father’s household

Treasure up the future / by his goods and goodness

By splendid bestowals / so that later in life

His chosen men / stand by him in turn

His retainers serve him /  when war comes.”


My poem:


So ought a young king / inheriting his father’s throne

Give great and wisely of / golden rings and bands.

By bestowals of silver / such to be loved later,

So well chosen men / stand by him in pride

To defend his folk /  fiercely ‘gainst all harm.

High in his halls / Hans knows well this truth,

Needs none to speak / knowingly of gift duty.

Mighty gold ring giver / gifts joyfully of his hoard.


The above was written in roughly 20 minutes from “Got any good words about a Saxon King being a ring giver?” The request came in at 9pm Thursday. The requester was flying out to California at 5am Friday. The requester was very clear that he didn’t need a whole poem, just some phrases or something.

But this is me. Just giving a couple phrases would be halfassing it. And really, what’s a poem but a couple of phrases stuck together in a cohesive manner? This was easier anyhow.

Ultimately this poem was not used. Let this be a lesson to all aspiring bards: if you technically work for and represent someone Get Their Ok FIRST. Either that or don’t be disappointed if your work gets cut.


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