Aethelflied’s Oath of Fealty

Next weekend in coronation. Oaths of fealty are a thing, therefore I’m writing one. Here is the source speech I’m working with (edited to add Kenric and Avelina’s names and replace ‘he/him’ with ‘they/them’):

By the Lord before whom this sanctuary is holy, I will to Kenric and Avelina. be true and faithful, and love all which they love and shun all which they shun, according to the laws of God and the order of the world. Nor will I ever with will or action, through word or deed, do anything which is unpleasing to them, on condition that they will hold to me as I shall deserve it, and that they will perform everything as it was in our agreement when I submitted myself to them and chose their will.

The above is from from Liberman: Gesetze der Angelsachsen, p. 404. I have only found the citation, not the actual source. However I only have a week to do this, memorize it, and have it ready to say before the thrones. Now, I could just memorize that. But this is me we’re talking about. Nope, I’ve translated it into this (because I can’t find the above in the original language, only the modern translation):

Be segncyning æt hwa Þes heall gesegene sy, ic æt Kenric ond Avelina béo riht und trewrædenn, ond bróðorlufe à hie bróðorlufe ond forescyne à hie forescynaþ be æbebodu Eallwealdend ond diht eorðe. Nà æt ic mið gewill or dæde, geond ciwde or dæde, ácumendlicnes se hie geunblissaþ ágitaþ gelác, on árædnesse æt hie se eaht mec swà ic earne, ond æt hie se ábygest à uncer forewearde Þa ic hie gewill ábýge ond gecenne.

Literal translation of the above:

By ring-giving generous lord that to this mighty-hall holds holy, I will Kenric and Avelina be right and faithful, and love all they love and shun all they shun, by laws of all-knowning all-mighty God, and order earth. No will I with will or deed, spoken word or deed, anything that they unhappy find will-do, on agreement that they will honor me in how I earn, and that they will all our agreement/understanding honor, when I their will submitted and chose/declared in court.

This is the goal anyway. I still have to send this to someone who actually knows what they’re doing with Old English (I do not, yet). I am probably butchering it. But I’ll take a butchered attempt over having no plan at all. We’ll see if I memorize it or if I’m up there reading off a card.

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