Project Update

Currently I am working on getting a dress done for Mudthaw, that’ll give me two fancy court dresses, one in linen and one in wool, that’ll be trimmed and embroidered so I don’t feel like a ragamuffin standing behind the thrones. This one is green linen (100% linen, I splurged) and will have wool trim around at least the sleeves. I may have to settle for just having embroidery around the hem or nothing around the hem at all. The underdress is going to be very bright white that I’m edging in the same green linen as my over dress.

The trim itself is natural white wool with a stripe of yellow/gold that I dyed myself using turmeric down the center. Any embroidery is going to be done in yellow/gold. Apparently my colors are green and gold. I can live with this.


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