Losing My Tiny Little Mind

Ok guys, this is my Big Bardic Project for the next 6 months. I want to (and will drat it) translate a section of the Battle of Maldon, repoeticize it, and have it ready to perform for the fighting households at Pennsic (and any other camp that asks it of me).


I haven’t studied Old English. I’ve wanted to but the motivation wasn’t there.

I do not own a physical copy of the Battle of Maldon.

I love Saxon style alliterative poetry but I am still very much a newbie at writing it. I have written exactly one poem in the Saxon style.

I have other pieces I want to learn too.

I have other fiber things that also need my attention.

Time is finite.


Use the websites I have at hand to learn enough Old English to muddle through. Have comparative translations that I trust for when I get stuck.

I have a link to the poem in the original Old English. I have a book (thank you Asa in Svarta!) with both the original and translation on it’s way to me. I have links to Old English learning sites AND links to various translations.

Write more poetry. I won’t get better/less new at it if I don’t actually do it. I should probably see if Brennan or Kenrick want anything specific and use that for practice.

Other pieces – uh… I’m easily distractable. Other pieces are for when I get bored.

Fiber things – sew while reading? Weave while composing?

Time is finite. Clearly I need to buy stock in coffee. Sleep is for other people! Sleep is what happens when Husband takes the coffee away so I crash. Sleep is what happens this time next year. …Sleep is probably something I should make a priority here, otherwise we end up with a tiny crispy Saxon, and history has enough of those.

This is the point in time where I should probably say something inspiring, something about believing in myself and my ability to pull this off while somehow making it look effortless. HAHAHAHAHA no. This is a lot like eating an elephant. Huge, overwhelming, but all you can do is take one bite at a time. Let’s see how much elephant I actually eat.

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