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Right, now the really hard part of reminding everyone that I am in fact NOT a bardic apprentice, I am a fiber apprentice of a bardic laurel.

… You all can stop laughing any time now. Here is the list of things I need to accomplish between now and Mudthaw (4/2/16):

I need to finish the seams on Scarp’s pants and fix the seat so it looks less like he’s wearing a diaper. Also bring the waistband down some since he doesn’t like it as high as it sits.

Fix and finish my linen over dress. The waist is too long which means the skirt is going to be a bit shorter than floor length, but that’s ok I’ll just make sure my under dress is pretty.

Make a new underdress. I have the fabric, I just need to actually sew it.

Weave trim for my new dress. I can leave trim off the neckline in a pinch since my veil covers it, but the hem and sleeves need it. This means deciding on a pattern and starting probably tonight if I want any chance of finishing.

And oh yeah, I should probably have a poem or something practiced as a just in case measure.

OH! And I need to make a second Beastie since her Majesty so kindly requested one.

… This is going to take some time budgeting.

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