The Grand Plan

Alright, so I’ve had some time to think and process (and frame the scroll). Now it’s time to figure out where the work is. It’s all well and good to have stumbled into this role, but I will Not spend the next year stumbling through it. Thankfully I made a daydreaming in-case-of-baldric-break-glass panic plan before competing. My personal rule is: Don’t compete unless you’re able to do the job, even if you don’t expect to win. I am now utterly thrilled I have this rule.

Goal One:

This is my most important goal with this position and visibility. I want to encourage new performers. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what else you’ve done before, performing is hard. Therefore, trying it? Makes you mighty, and I am proud of you. Even if we’ve never met.

Forget the words? Doesn’t matter, you got up and did it. And I am proud.

Forget the tune? Doesn’t matter, you got up and did it. And I am proud.

Story get away from you halfway through? It happens, you got up and did it. And I am proud.

So how am I going to accomplish this? I need your help. Please, if you see me at an event, ask to perform for me, especially if you’re new. If I’m wandering around and there’s a bardic circle at your camp? Tell me about it! If you’re new to performing and want pointers? ASK! If I don’t know I’ll help you find someone who does. Yes I have a (very very shiny) baldric, but not long ago I was a brand new baby bard and if no one encouraged me I wouldn’t have kept performing. Let me pay that forward. Please.

Goal Two:

This is a performance goal of mine (assuming the King doesn’t want something else, I haven’t exactly asked yet). I want to translate a section of the battle of Maldon, poeticize it myself, and make a performance piece out of it. I want to then take it to the fighting households at Pennsic and perform it. I might be wee, but I want to be a battle bard that the King can be proud of. I am a Saxon woman after all, I’m not going to hide in my tent.

Goal Three:

Make sure their Majesties don’t regret having picked me. I’m guessing this mostly means not perpetually falling on my face. But I won’t really know until after I talk to them. Which I’m guessing I should actually do.


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