So I failed my saving throw vs. shoes and now am the proud owner of a particularly silly looking pair of bog shoes. But they’re pretty good for a first attempt. These fit a bit like leather slippers, they’re very thin but surprisingly protective. I think If I wear socks/stockings with them they’ll be about as protective as ballet flats. Even with flat leather soles with no traction or grippies I’m about as sure footed as if I were barefoot. These are warm (suede side in) and as comfy as socks.

That being said: these are as supportive as socks. If you need orthepedics I’d suggest making these big enough to cover your inserts. The good news is this pattern is so stupidly simple that altering to fit over insoles doesn’t add anything to the complexity.

Because of how thin these are (and how limited my budget for getting replacement hide is) these are going to be strictly indoor shoes for me. But I can easily see adding a thicker sole to them and wearing them to outdoor events.

Now for pictures:


As I said: silly looking, but awesome. I’m happy I failed this saving throw.  These look almost identical (when you account for novice skill) to these:


This is a shoe in the British Museum that dates to the 14th century that was found in the Armagh Bog in Ireland. While these date to the 14th century they are so simple that there is no way they aren’t based on an older design. They are simple, inexpensive to make, easy to size, and don’t require a breaking in period. I’m sold.


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