Finished Project: Dress

This is it, it’s done!

I based my dress on this illumination:


So here are the challenges here: I can’t see her neckline. I went with a notched keyhole neckline because that’s what I’ve seen done most frequently. I’ve got nothing to work with as far as colors. But it looks like she’s got an underdress with long fitted sleeves, her over dress has wider and shorter sleeves than the underdress and there looks to be some kind of trim on the edge of the sleeves.

I used the Mammen tunic:


to make the argument for harringbone embroidery along the seams for added seam finishing and embellishment.

I wove the trim for the neckline and hem using the two pack Saxon technique I’ve cited before. The trim on the sleeves is wider and thinner using the same warp but turning all the cards together instead of turning them in the two pack method.

The fabric itself (along with the trim) is wool. The dress is slightly fulled so it’s a thick and warm garment. So now pictures!


In order we have: Front, back, sleeve trim detail, neckline trim detail, embroidery, and embroidery detail . Also featured: my apprentice belt which I did not make, my laurel did. I just got excited and wanted to see what my dress looked like with some of my performance favors and the fancy smancy belt.

So here it is guys, I finished it. I’m really proud of it and can’t wait to wear it and perform in it.


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