In Progress: Saxon Trim

Currently I am working on weaving roughly 6 yards of wool trim to edge the wool dress
I made last weekend with intent of wearing to king and queen’s bardic competition March 5. Yes I recognize this is insane, but you’re still getting to know me, this is normal.

Excuse the poor picture quality. The only camera I have is my 3-ish year old semi-clever phone. Poor thing has been through a lot with me and I’m thrilled I was able to get these.

This is my set up:


The fiber-inclined among you will note that is not actually an inkle loom. That is in fact a warping board that I have warped to use as a loom. You laugh, but I can make an entire dress worth of trim in a single warp.

And this:


Is what it looks like when I try to use it. Yes the cat sitting on my knee is vital to the weaving process. Otherwise I’m likely to get myself tangled up without my string supervisor.

The actual piece is a tricolored band. I can document the navy blue and the gold, the green I can not.  This is what the band actually looks like. Again sorry for the washed out picture, this much more vibrant in person. The green is a bright true green rather than the blue tinged green showing here:

actual pattern

Over all the band is about an inch wide, it’s a 16 card threaded in pattern of my own design. The method is amazingly easy. It’s a two pack saxon method the documentation of which I am shamelessly lifting from Mistress Thora Sharptooth and directing you to read her entry on, located here:




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