2/9/2016 Projects in Progress


Unfortunately secret as I am working on my performance pieces for King and Queen’s Bardic in a few weeks. Trust me there will be more discussion about these pieces after the competition.


Dress (pattern, yardage, and documentation once it’s finished)

Tablet woven trim for dress: 6 yards of wool, light fingering weight/lace weight in yellow, green, and navy blue. The yellow and blue are left overs from weaving trim for Brennen and Caoilfhionn’s Irish coronation brats. Therefore I know those colors are documentable. The green however is from a massive cone of weaving wool I’ve got. Documentable or not I have way too much of this to be overly picky in using it.

The pattern is one of my own design, the technique is a two pack Saxon method that was reconstructed by Thora (http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~capriest/saxontw.html) that I am utterly in love with. It makes keeping tack of what part of the pattern you’re in simple AND makes it difficult to start turning the wrong way without thinking. You turn one pack, turn the other to match, ect. Then when you’ve gone turns of each pack in one direction you turn in the other direction. Easy peasy.

Next up:

A tunic for Skarphathinn (my lord): Plan for this is to model a tunic after the Thorsbjerg find. I have natural colored linen/cotton blend on it’s way to me by the powers of the internet. Yes I know that particular fiber content is not period, however I must bow to two considerations:

  1. The tendency of Husband to overheat, thus making any wool heavier than tropical weight a poor choice
  2. My (limited) financial state.

This blend was on sale, it looks like I made an attempt, I’m using it. And no I have no intent to dye it this time around. I know that it should be a bright color, but it’s challenging to find a bright color that my husband likes, that I can tolerate working with, that isn’t black and red.

A naalbound hat for Skarpathinn: Challenge here is I am going to spin the yarn first. I have enough wool that spinning it won’t even dent my stash, and I can aim for a nice sturdy yarn that Skarp won’t kill. The only thing holding me back from starting this is that I can not find my naalbinding needle. I think I need to give up and order a new one unfortunately.

But that’s not an urgent need. I’m not starting until King and Queen’s. And even then I’m starting the spinning so I have something to fidget with when I’m not performing.


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