What on Earth is This

This, my friends, is me finally creating a repository of my work and research in the SCA. Think of this as a persona info dump, a plea for sources, a welcoming of critique and debate, and a resume of sorts.

Within the SCA I am Aethelflied of Mercia known as Brewbane (Formerly Mhari Brewbane). Aethelflied Brewbane in everyday use. I am an apprentice of Grim the Skald, ostensibly for the bardic arts but I tend to do more with string these days. I portray a Saxon woman, shortly after the reign of King Alfred. Beyond that? Aethelflied is growing, I was Mhari for years and it’s going to take me a bit to find my feet as someone else.

So welcome to my virtual home. Sorry the walls are a bit bare, we’ll work on that together.


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